Write Nite

an evening of creative writing in good company

a gathering; a guided exploration of the empty page before you

The Write Nite will be held each 1st Tuesday of the month.

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The "Schreibnacht" Model

A "Schreibnacht" (Writing Night) is a social gathering following a concept introduced by Kathrin Girgensohn and Ramona Jakob. The idea is to spend time writing together with the same intention as you would spend an evening together at, say, the theatre. Cultivating the stories inside you, surrounded by likeminded folks.

Writing for Writing's Sake

A common conception equates "writing" with "writing and publishing an instantly best-selling novel". We believe that that puts a lot of pressure onto an otherwise enjoyable pastime that holds so much potential to improve wellbeing. We want to provide an environment where your writing can grow up to be anything it likes - or nothing at all, allowed to live the same happy and valid life as an artist's doodles in their sketchbook.

Write Nites at kitwit studio

In this 3-hr workshop, the host will guide you through a themed evening of creative writing activities. We will start with some warm-ups, then write 2-3 bigger pieces and some smaller collaborative exercises. At the end, if you would like to share your work with the group, you will have a chance to do so.

No previous writing experience is needed.

Write Nite in March

In keeping with this month's theme of "New Beginnings", the March Write Nite will centre on exercises designed to

  • discover what "writing" means to you

  • develop your own writing flow

  • pick up your pen and explore new ways of expressing yourself

  • gain a fresh view on "writing" in company

  • guide you into "writing" as a pastime (or perhaps a new monthly date night with yourself?)

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Write Nites will run with a minimum of 3 people (including the host), so bring a friend!

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