Making a Mask

an intro to design, leathercraft, and pageantry

󠀢󠀢"Nothing is more real than the masks we make
to show each other who we are."

― Christopher Barzak, The Love We Share Without Knowing

The next Mask Making weekend is 7+8 March.

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Your idea, out of your head and into the real world. You will be guided step by step through the design, creation, and decoration of a mask. Bring your idea to paper, and ultimately to life.


Learn the wet-moulding technique to create a 3D object from leather, without heavy leatherworking tools. Masks made from leather are virtually indestructable, and comfortable to wear.


Explore the various uses of masks and headdresses to create character for an event, costume, or simply decoration. Who knows, you may discover a new side of yourself in the process?

Learn more about our Mask Making (leathercraft) workshops

Leather is an incredibly flexible and easy to manipulate material for creating masks - not to mention, it doesn't break and doesn't mind getting wet.

Look through our pictures to learn more about the process and possibilities we introduce you to during our workshops - and see how others have taken their wildest designs and turned them into a proud creation to take home!

There are practically no limits to what you can express in this material, and it is a suitable project for absolute beginners as well as people with plenty of experience in crafting and creating.

Mask Making at kitwit studio

We will meet on the Saturday to develop your design idea, create a paper mockup and cut out the mask shape from leather. On Sunday, we wet and shape the mask, then paint and decorate it.

All basic materials and a range of decorating options are provided, but please also bring any objects or materials you would like to incorporate. Get in touch to discuss your options.

You will take home a fully personalised and unique mask for your next costume event, or simply as decoration for your home - as well as the memory of a fun and satisfying creation process.

Please note that this class will only run with a minimum of 2 participants, so bringing a friend is highly encouraged! Underbooked classes will be rescheduled for a date that suits you.

Our Process in Pictures

We start class by sketching out our designs on paper, then making a paper mock-up of the design.

After cutting out the rough shape, we do a first fitting to make sure the eyes are in the right place.

The leather is then soaked in water, and a lot of shaping and moulding happens.

Your mask moulds to your face, which makes it so comfortable to wear. To set the shape and secure the fit, we employ our trusty hair dryer.

Painting! Depending on what works best for your design, your mask gets a white base coat plus regular acrylic paints, special leather dyes, or shoe wax, to achieve the desired effects.

Finally, we add details like wires or decoration. Here is where you can incorporate any personal trinkets you brought. Then your mask is ready to go home with you!

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Mask Making will run with a minimum of 2 participants, so bring a friend+save!

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"I loved making a leather mask with Dani! I didn't even know you could do that with leather!She was very patient and generous with her time. She taught us how to make these really cool masks in a design we came up with.Definitely recommend her to help you with leather mask making!!"-- Michelle, workshop participant 2014
"I had no experience at all of working with leather before trying this. Dani was very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and helpful right the way through, and we all ended up with very dramatic masks."-- Graham, workshop participant 2014
"Dani was really helpful in our mask-making workshop.She was really good at going around the room and giving people the attention and help that they needed and showing us all aspects of the process.Really warm and friendly atmosphere. I learnt a lot! "-- Robert, workshop participant 2018