creative activities at the studio

Creative Writing

Write Nites at kitwit studio

Every 1st Tuesday of the month, £15

In this 3-hr workshop, the host will guide you through a themed evening of creative writing activities. We will start with some warm-ups, then write 2-3 bigger pieces and some smaller collaborative exercises. At the end, if you would like to share your work with the group, you will have a chance to do so.

No previous writing experience is needed.

For more information and to book, see our Write Nite page

and coming soon...

kitwit Write Rite: Introduction to (regular) Creative Writing

Weekend Workshop: Write Flash Fiction (and submit it to a contest straight away)

For more information or to register your enthusiasm, please email us at

Drawing + Painting

Drawing the Face

Thursdays, £17/£13 concessions

Face your Drawing Fears

The human face, perhaps the most elusive of subjects, can be intimidating for someone new to drawing. "Can I capture the likeness? Can I capture anything about the model?"

Can I at least make my drawing look like a human being?

Face your fears during our tutored class aimed at absolute beginners. Anyone can learn to draw - start your journey into drawing at kitwit studio.

For more information and to book, see our Drawing the Face page

Craft, Making + Upcycling

Reap the benefits of creating something with your hands, with a side order of mindfulness.

Mask Making (leathercraft)

Selected Weekends, £45 per person, £70 for 2 - all materials included

We will meet on the Saturday to develop your design idea, create a paper mockup and cut out the mask shape from leather. On Sunday, we wet and shape the mask, then paint and decorate it.

All basic materials and a range of decorating options are provided, but please also bring any objects or materials you would like to incorporate. Get in touch to discuss your options.

You will take home a fully personalised and unique mask for your next costume event, or simply as decoration for your home - as well as the memory of a fun and satisfying creation process.

For more information and to book, see our Mask Making page

and coming soon...

Make your own Yoga Eyepillow (upcycling, sewing, mindfulness)

For more information or to register your enthusiasm, please email us at

Boardgame Design

Intro to Board Game Design - Weekend

Selected Weekends, £35 per person - next up: 11+12 April 2020

A weekend of intensive hands-on exercises, where we will explore

  • the building blocks of boardgames

  • a variety of basic mechanics and how to tie them together

  • the process of building the game in small iterations

  • how to avoid falling into the most common traps all board game designers are facing

For more information or to register your enthusiasm, please email us at

Gift Vouchers

Give the gift of Time and Creativity

Spending time creating together makes for a wonderful gift full of wellbeing benefits, if we do say so ourselves.

Or if you like a workshop, but there isn't a date yet that you can make, grab a voucher instead and secure your future spot!
Vouchers for our Mask Making (leathercraft) workshops are available on our Gift Vouchers page.
Vouchers for other workshops will follow, please email us if you need one and we'll figure something out!