Adventures in Writing

wonderfully tactile - endlessly inspiring - really, really fun

Discover your Writing Style and Voice

Zero previous experience needed!

  • Round 2 starting 23 February

  • Tuesdays 18:30 - 21:30 UK time via Zoom

  • 7 weeks, 6 participants, and Dani from kitwit studio (@writersstudio-trained writing coach)

  • Exploring three styles of Writing:

    • looking in: introspective writing - we practise listening to ourselves

    • looking out: creative writing - we practise communicating ideas

    • looking around: playful writing - we practise playing with language

  • £125

Booking is now open:

Visit our online course page to book at

Check back soon for a showcase of what we kreated together in Round 1, Oct-Dec 2020