#lowkeycreativity & kreative adventures

bringing creativity into your homes while we're all moving through this with our maximum of grace and love


Can we make a hashtag happen? We've certainly struggled to make anything happen. But we learned from it and are happy to share!

Please join us doing our bare minimum with actionable prompts & ideas for staying sane and at least nominally creative in times not conducive to either.

For more information and to participate, see our #lowkeycreatvity page

Creative Writing


Starting February 23

Fortunately, writing is something that can be done from home, and even in virtual company. Join us in exporing your writing side, with our Adventures in Writing!

For more information and to participate, see our Adventures in Writing page

Boardgame Design

___coming soon...

Still in the works is our online course on Boardgame Design - because even in the New Normal ahead, the world, and possibly your family, definitely need more games!

Check back here often, or email us at team@kitwit.studio so we know to keep you updated!

Gift Vouchers

Give the gift of Time and Creativity

If you think that holding yourself or a dear one to a creative activity in the future, online or (eventually) in person, then we're happy to create a gift voucher for you.

---Please email us if you need one, and we'll figure something out!