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Learn more about our Leather Mask Making workshops

Leather is an incredibly flexible and easy to manipulate material for creating masks. Look through our pictures to learn more about the process and possibilities we introduce you to during our workshops - and see how others have taken their wildest designs and turned it into a proud creation to take home!


  • From a paper cut-out...

  • your finished creation.

  • Take any design inspiration...

  • ...and create your personalised mask.

  • Leather masks mould to your face...

  • ...for maximum effect & comfort.

  • Learn how to turn a flat surface...

  • ...into your personal 3D creation.

  • Learn to place creases and folds...

  • give your ideas shape.

  • More complex sketches...

  • ...for multi-layered creations.

Our Process In Action 
We start class by sketching out our designs on paper, then making a paper mock-up of the design. After cutting out the rough shape, we do a first fitting to make sure the eyes are in the right place. The leather is soaked, and a lot of shaping and moulding happens. To set the shape and secure the fit to your face, we employ a good old hair dryer. Then we move on to painting! Depending on what works best for your design, you give your mask a white base coat to paint over with regular acryllic paints, or use special leather dyes or shoe wax to achieve the desired effects. After adding any last details, like wires or decoration, we fix the elastic and your mask is ready to go home with you!  

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