they're old news, but they're our news

The kreativery is on Medium.

Here's an overview of what we've been posting there.

Our Theme from November 2020:
Keep Going On

It continues to be relevant, so I'm leaving it up here.
Are you alright? Are you ok?

June on Medium: Seriously, did months even exist after March 2020?

There hasn't been a post in April or May, but we did have themes for those months - and we'll catch up on them. A brief reflection on how sometimes, kreativity is for problem solving, not for creative expression. And that's ok. Says the graphic in this article (in a cheerful font!), so it's definitely true.

June Tip: The Writers HQ Newsletter.

March on Medium: Our March Mushroom update

We look back on a year since our first - and shortly after, our last - kitwit studio class, and a 2020 programme that remained hypothetical but that we're still very proud of! The best lesson to take from it all was found in a "grow your own mushrooms"-kit. Read all about it in our March update on Medium.

We're now on Medium!

Read our update on the February theme, and what's happened since October, here!

In short:

  • in October, we got into a Social Dilemma, and launched Adventures in Writing and Adventures in Drawing, which kept us busy for the next 8 weeks

  • in November, Dani graduated from writing workshop school, and finally travelled back to Edinburgh

  • in December, we finished the Adventures courses, and had a boardgame-tastic Christmas together!

  • in January, we took stock and realigned the kitwit vision with how we enjoyed (or not) online teaching

  • in February, we are gathering up all these pieces, launching Round 2 of Adventures in Writing, and plotting kreative labs for the year ahead