about us

In short - we're cool.

Dani and Natalia: using materials in ways nobody intended,
in order to solve problems nobody has.

***Note: this is not currently a safe distance, and we miss it.
Please be safe and healthy, everyone <3




crafters and creatives

(recovering IT career hunters)

breaking out of the confines of that mentality:

"either you're techy+successful,
or you're creative+poor"

because both options are unhealthy, really.


@tantedani.scotbad at: baking
developed web applications in a former life
translates EN-DE with passion (wordcrofting.co.uk)
qualified English teacher (TESOL)
drummer, past creator + leader of drum crews
many years of developing and running performance groups
10 years of making masks out of leather, canvas, mod roc, and (recently) silicone
10+ years of teaching sewing and craft skills
3 years of running creative writing spaces
currently getting certified as a writing trainer/coach
looks younger than she is


@nataliazonartbad at: deciding

not quite recovered from IT, still likes it
aspires to be a messenger pigeon on the science vs humanities battlefield
the graphics person
7 years of running workshops for adults and children
Computer Science PhD holder, currently working full-time as a Software Engineer
formal training in portraiture and life drawing
loves any form of art, really
an experienced life model herself
former part-time technician at a creative digital manufacturing space
knows too much about board games