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kitwit studio: kreativery is a space for (current or aspiring) kreative explorers in various disciplines in Edinburgh's St. Margaret's House and online

Our Theme for June: Wut R Months?

Seriously, did any exist after March 2020?

June on Medium: Seriously, did months even exist after March 2020?

There hasn't been a post in April or May, but we did have themes for those months - and we'll catch up on them. A brief reflection on how sometimes, kreativity is for problem solving, not for creative expression. And that's ok. Says the graphic in this article (in a cheerful font!), so it's definitely true.

June Tip: The Writers HQ Newsletter.

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This was our theme for November 2020: Keep Going On

It continues to be relevant, so I'm leaving it here. Are you alright? Are you ok?

Welcome to the Studio

Creativity is important - for anyone, no matter how "good" you think you are at it (or not).

But just now, in this weird - WEIRD - time, it's more important to look after our mental wellbeing than to think in terms of things we "should" be doing. Creative activities can help, but they can also overwhelm.

It's our aim to provide space, ideas, and approaches for anyone in search of a creative outlet, no matter their skill or energy levels.

Quote: Be brave enough to be bad at something new.

What we can do for you currently

Adventures in Writing returns in July 2021!

7 weeks of exploring what Writing is, what it can be for you, and how you find your writing voice, your preferences and your routine.

See the Adventures in Writing page for details.

kitwit Conversations: on Kreativity and Wellbeing

Some might call it a blog - coming soon

Meanwhile, get the gist on our kitwit Conversations page

And once this whole thing has blown over...

How to find us

kitwit studio [digital]

is growing its roots on the Teachable platform:

kitwit studio [analog]

is in Room G8 in St Margaret's House, Edinburgh.

Please note: There are currently no kitwit activities in St Margaret's House. We will update as soon as this is possible once more.

Buses: Lothian 4, 5, X5, X7, 26, X26, 44, 45, 104, 113, 124

Car: The entrance to the car park is down Restalrig Road South - follow the car park all the way to the back. Parking is only available evenings and weekends.